7 Best Songs for Boudoir Photo Shoots

There is a moment in many of our shoots when I pull the camera down from my eye because something is not right. Something is off. Our client looks up and knows not all is right.

There is no music. It has stopped, or god forbid, we did not start it in the first place! Sacrilege!

Music reinforces the every session. The right music sets the mood, the tone, and the vibe. Our clients are free to bring their own music, but many of them ask us to supply the tunes. And we are more than happy to do that because building playlists is one of my guilty pleasures.

So here is our top 10 best songs for boudoir photo shoots, at least through February 2018. Our playlists usually run 1-3 hours, so this is a sampling of some of the moodiest, sensual, and dramatic tracks that make the cut!

Best Songs for Boudoir Photo Shoots: “Open” by Rhye

This song hold a special place in our heart. It is romantic, dark, moody, and haunting, but with a wicked hook.

Best Songs for Boudoir Photo Shoots: “Old Love/New Love” by Twin Shadow

I played this song a dozen times in a row the first time I heard it. Twin Shadow has so many other good sides, but this one has always been our favorite. Your body will move.

Best Songs for Boudoir Photo Shoots: “Young & Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey

The Great Gatsby came out and remixes of this song are interwoven through the entire film. You either loved or hated Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of the great American literary classic (We loved it), but there is no denying that this song fit the story and spectacle.

Best Songs for Boudoir Photo Shoots: “Tough Love” by Jessie Ware

Steady, deep beats open this song and do not relent. The vocals are hypnotic.

Best Songs for Boudoir Photo Shoots: “Somebody Else” by The 1975

I am a sucker for the slow build. Light instruments, metered pacing and angst laden vocals lead to a great turn about 60-seconds into this cut.

Best Songs for Boudoir Photo Shoots: “10,000 Emerald Pools” by BØRNS

The first track off BØRNS’ Dopamine album is a glimpse into what’s coming for the next 35 minutes. I could have put the entire album on this list: it got more playtime in our house than any other album last year (maybe Ra Ra Riot’s Need Your Light edged it out, but that is a discussion for another list)!

Best Songs for Boudoir Photo Shoots: “Take Shelter” by Years & Years

One of the more up-tempo tracks on this list due to the bass line and pacing. Nevertheless, excellent harmonies that strike the right mood for a boudoir photo shoot.


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