Denver Motion Photography: Dynamic Art

Over the past few months we have enjoyed experimenting with motion photography and we love it. There is a dynamism and kinetic energy to the final art that jumps off the frame, and the flowing, almost water-like shape of the skirts we use create beautiful lines and action.

The sessions are also a lot of fun.

Denver Motion Photography: The Wardrobe

One of our favorite aspects about these sessions started before we’d ever snapped a single shot: buying new wardrobe is one of our favorite activities! Our studio commissioned three billowing skirts, each with their own character and shape. It gives our clients a chance to experience a whimsical shoot in addition to the hair and makeup session that comes before the creative session.

We also work stop motion into our fitness sessions which gives our clients the opportunity to select wardrobe that illustrates the hard work and dedication for sculpting their muscles. We advise close, skin-tight, form-fitting clothing for the fitness sessions so that the dynamic, explosive movements are not encumbered with loose clothing.

Denver Motion Photography: The Action

Turn up the music. Feel the beat. And move.

Getting these shots is a coordinated team effort. We need a dress tosser and the client making slight movements that appear more dramatic than they actually are. We make slight adjustments through the image to create the flow and pose that complements the dress. We take multiple shots for each dress toss, jump or dynamic movement, then review to make slight adjustments.

Denver Motion Photography: The Result

We can’t get enough of this art. Each shot is different from the next. The flow is unpredictable and each movement unique. And these sessions are out of the ordinary: they provide a bit of variety for many of our return clients who are looking for something new and exciting.

Whatever session type you are planning, we are happy to discuss incorporating a dynamic motion look into your session. You’ll have fun. We always do.

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