Happy Thanksgiving from Denver!

We just finished watching Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, one of our favorite movies and a Thanksgiving tradition. I love that movie because of one particular reason, aside from the comedy, hi-jinx, and pure-frustration: there is a secondary story, an underlying subtext of which we see the results, the emotional response, but can only speculate at the back story. There is a fiery, deep-seated love story between Neil (Steve Martin’s character) and his on-screen wife. Every time we watch this movie, I get the all-familiar lump in my throat at the end, not just for the beautiful act of humanity between Neil and Del, but for the ultimate revelation of why Neil is so desperate to get home to his family, more pointedly, his wife.

Two scenes are crucial: the first where Neil imagines what finally being home will be like. This includes a sequence that shows acting at its best because you see the sheer fire and passion that continues to exist between Neil and his wife after years of marriage. The next scene is when Neil finally comes home with Del. A series of cuts between his wife, hearing her husband’s voice again, and the reveal as she walks down the stairs to see him in the flesh, sets up a gorgeous finale. The final embrace, the tears (including some of my own, choked back) the acknowledgement by Del of the privilege to see the passionate, endearing love between Neil and his wife, it is storytelling at its best.

And it hits me so hard not because it is something I want: it is what I have. I’m beside myself with thanks today, because I know that passion. I know that romance with my best friend. I know what it means to physically be weak in the knees when I come home to Tiffany after a beleaguered trip. I’m thankful for holding her in my arms.

To celebrate today, we continued a fourth year tradition of cooking Tapas plates instead of traditional American Thanksgiving faire. This year has been the best yet.

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Manchego Cheese & Apple Crositinis, and Bruschetta

We spent Thanksgiving with my brother and sister-in-law in our Denver home. The day started off with the light nibbles. My brother made the Bruschetta and it was delicious. We had to pace ourselves, making sure to not fill up on the Bruschetta before the other plates. Because this was just the beginning. The rest of the day was full of flavor.

denver photography
Chorizo filled Dates, wrapped in Bacon
denver photography
Patatas Bravas
denver photography
Croquetas de Chorizo
denver photography
denver photography
Steak flank on Crositini Bed, Goat Cheese, Red Pepper Preserve and Garnished with Roasted Red Pepper
denver photography

The delightful food and wonderful flavor is a reflection of the day. We couldn’t be happier. Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family!

Tyler & Tiffany


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