In Front of the Lens: Denver Boudoir Photo Shoot

Our Denver boudoir photo shoots are branded as Intimate Lifestyle and inspire our mission in a unique way: to inspire within you an appreciation for who you are as a confident, seductive woman. We call this our super-objective for boudoir sessions. Our discussion today is to go over our definition of a boudoir photo shoot so our clients have a better understanding of what it is they are commissioning. Our portfolio provides visual interpretations, but they are just interpretations. We have some examples we cannot and will not show, both in good taste and to protect the privacy of our clients. So we will use words instead.

What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Let’s allay any concerns first: this is not going to be a discussion on how to pronounce ‘boudoir!’ The word may sound differently in your mind: you emphasized a syllable, you may have even pronounced it with your little finger aristocratically in the air: we don’t care. There have been great debates throughout history. This is not one of them.

The word does have an original meaning, however, and it is ‘bedroom.’ So the core intent of the boudoir photo shoot is to create art in a bedroom setting, with bedroom attire, and bedroom lighting. And it’s not a new art form. It’s steeped in history that goes back centuries, even millennia to the Greeks and Egyptians. The modern interpretation of boudoir is just that. An interpretation.

But boudoir is no longer confined to the bedroom, and every time a genre takes on additional application, the word itself loses some of its specificity. Let’s reclaim some of the definition.

A Boudoir Photo Shoot Samples Other Genres

Differences between genres can be stark. A family portrait is not glamour photography. It’s easy to distinguish between the two. Additionally, our Personal Branding art does not overlap with Intimate Lifestyle art: they are distinct and separate.

On the other hand, differences can be subtle. It can be the difference between looking at camera or off camera. It can mean the difference of one expression over another. Our Intimate Lifestyle art is an example of the subtle blend between genres: Intimate Lifestyle has boudoir as its parent and two sub-genres, glamour and fine art as its influential children.

So let’s discuss the actions we believe support our previously mentioned objective. To entice. To seduce. To tease. To inspire. To awe. The list can go on, but every action must be subservient to the super objective. Each woman is unique in the posing, lighting and expressions to bring out each of these actions. The unique styling, makeup, wardrobe, and mood results in your own confident experience. We can make it cozy with sweaters, beanies, and flannels. We can make it refined with luxurious lingerie and beauty lighting. We can make it light and playful with color. We can make it moody and dramatic with shadow and muted tones. We will style and design your Denver boudoir session to meet the actions that tell your story.

When should I plan a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Now. There is no perfect time. We’re not guaranteed the next day. And there’s no rule that says you need to do only one session. If you’re waiting to lose some extra weight, be less tired, or any other excuse, schedule a session now and another for when you achieve your goals. Then we’ve told a story that catalogues a longer journey.


Let us know how we can help you tell your Denver boudoir and Intimate Lifestyle story. Contact us to schedule a consultation in our Denver boudoir studio.


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