In Front of the Lens: Intimate Lifestyle

Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art

-Konstantin Stanislavski


Our intimate lifestyle sessions (one of our four session types) are the embodiment of the quote above: while we will create beautiful, expressive art, the sessions are a celebration of your beauty, your passion, your soul, regardless of whether or not art is being produced. We emphasize this because many women who are considering a session like this wrestle with the idea that she has to perform for the camera. You do not. It’s our job to capture the art. It’s your role to enjoy yourself. To remind yourself that the labels you carry do not – in and of themselves – define you. You are more than a mom. More than a professional. More than a wife. More than a sister, friend, homemaker, PTA member, Lyft driver, etc.

It is beneficial for us to remember that asking each other “What do you do?” is a predominantly American affectation: in other countries, it is rude to strike up conversation with others by asking their profession. While we don’t take issue with this unique American habit, we do enjoy creating an atmosphere where we’re less occupied with what you do, and fully focused on who you are.

Who should consider each intimate lifestyle session?

For these reasons, our intimate lifestyle sessions are for anyone who needs something different. Anyone who needs an escape from the labels that consume so much of our day-to-day. Anyone excited for a change of venue, to express herself in new, exciting ways. Anyone who needs to shake things up, do something spontaneous. Anyone looking for a unique experience, a break from the mundane, routine, predictable. Anyone who loves their life and wants to add a new flavor.

We’ve had sessions booked by the soon-to-be-married and the recently divorced. We’ve collaborated with clients who are celebrating a new promotion and a recent job loss. We’ve celebrated with clients who are learning to love the body they have and those who have taken steps to make significant body changes.

What is the purpose each intimate lifestyle session?

Regardless of where you are in your journey, this session is for anyone eager to further develop an appreciation for who you are and greater confidence in who you can be. This can manifest itself in multiple ways. First and foremost we focus on the experience: an intimate lifestyle session is about the fun, the joy, and the passion of celebrating you.

What can I expect from each intimate lifestyle session?

Because we focus so much on the experience in each intimate lifestyle session, the styling & planning, the environment, the music, the mood, and the conversation is all directed toward an unforgettable day.

The experience starts well before the session date. As with all of our session types, we start with a consultation where we’ll discuss your goals, why you’re considering an intimate lifestyle session, and your wardrobe thoughts, among other topics.

The session starts with 1-2 hours in hair and makeup, getting pampered. Some of our clients elect to have a glass of wine or champagne. While getting hair and makeup done, we’ll take a look at your wardrobe selections and decide on what is going to make you the most comfortable and achieve your goals. The session you book will determine whether the session includes 2, 4, or 6 looks.

After you’re comfortable with your hair and makeup, it’s time to get started. This is where you let go, and let us work. We’ll make sure you look good. You focus on having fun.

What are the types of products best suited for intimate lifestyle sessions?

Our intimate lifestyle sessions and In Her Space sessions, have the greatest diversity of orders. Some clients want the discreteness of a small album that can hide in a bedside drawer or lover’s briefcase, while some clients are eager to display their art on a 30″x40″ archival quality canvas over their bed’s headboard.

Our most popular product for intimate lifestyle sessions is our folio box with individual, matted prints. This also happens to be our favorite product: it’s unique, classy, and screams romance.

What are examples from intimate lifestyle sessions?

If you have any other questions, we’d be more than happy to discuss via phone or schedule a consultation to walk through what your intimate lifestyle session could be.

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