In Front of the Lens: Session Types Summary

Most of our commissions fall into one of our four session types. Our Denver photography studio is set up and our greatest art is created in one of these four areas. But a lot of confusion can emerge from what each session type means, and why someone would choose one session over another.

We will be presenting a four-part series to address each session type and the purpose of each. As much as we’d like to say each session has a distinct role, we find that there is some minor overlap between types, and even more inspiring, is when our clients intentionally ask for sessions that blend between two different session types.

Let’s start with a brief session type discussion¬† (click on each category name to be taken to the experience guide):

Lifestyle & Personal Branding Experience

Who you are. The value you hold. The messages you convey. How you live your life. These are all components of your personal brand. In whatever way you define yourself – a business owner, a professional, a volunteer, a mom, and more – the purpose of these sessions is to produce imagery that communicates your brand.

Intimate Lifestyle Experience

The common term for these sessions today is “boudoir photography;” it is a term, however, we feel has been abused and lost some of its original meaning. The purpose of the Intimate Lifestyle session is to embrace being a woman: to feel sexy (maybe for a husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, but also for yourself!), to pamper yourself, to be fierce, to bond together (the sessions can be with friends!). These sessions tend to be more a study of figure as opposed to story.

In Her Space Experience

This session tends to be our most involved session. It’s similar to the Intimate Lifestyle session with a twist: we focus on story during these sessions and we do it in your own space. We capture the glimpses of your life when nobody is watching, when you’re most comfortable, but with a dash of glamour. These can be some of our most unpredictably fun sessions (though they’re all fun!).

Fitness Experience

You’ve put in the work, the sacrifice, the blood, sweat, and tears. You’ve lived on a single pancake for breakfast before 12 hours at a show. You’re feeling salty because you’re ready to take a break, curl up in a blanket and down a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream. But you want to memorialize your work. We memorialize it with you.

Over the next four posts, we will go into more detail for the session types and answer the following questions:

  • Who should consider each session?
  • What is the purpose each session?
  • What can I expect from each session?
  • What products best suit each session?
  • What are examples of each session?

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