In Front of the Lens: In Her Space Session

Girls just want to have fun.

-Cyndi Lauper


Tiffany and I had gone out one night in Denver, one of those rare evenings we get to leave the kids at home, and enjoy a meal while actually sitting down and some stage entertainment. We got home and Tiffany promptly retired to her most comfortable lounge wear. Her makeup and hair were still done and the clash between sweatpants and glamour was too much fun. We thought that night, “How much fun would it be to offer sessions in your most comfortable setting, doing all the lazy things that are seemingly unattractive, with a bit of sexy?” The In Her Space experience was born.

Who should consider an In Her Space session?

These sessions are a variation on our Intimate Lifestyle experience. Many of our previous clients book Intimate Lifestyle sessions, have the time of their life, then schedule an In Her Space session for their next experience. Others prefer these sessions because it takes place in an environment they feel at ease, so they choose this session as their first.

But it is a session that takes place in your chosen environment, so be aware that the environment plays a significant role in the final images. We’ve had a session with an interior designer who loved highlighting the hard work and artistry she’d poured into her home. Another client chose an AirBnB that embodied the quaint, charming decor she loves.

So if you are looking for an environmental study, if you’re interested in a unique experience that celebrates multiple versions of you, if you have a story to tell, the In Her Space session is for you.

What is the purpose of In Her Space sessions?

Storytelling. Laughing. Artistic experimentation. Some silliness. A lot of fun.

We love all our sessions. There is something markedly different with these sessions. We’ve had clients turn on music and dance. Clients have made tortillas, played the guitar, mixed drinks, done the laundry, and played with their fur babies, all after having their hair and makeup professionally done. These are all mundane, every day activities, but with a touch of attitude and seduction. The idea is that sexy is not a function of the physical alone: it’s a heady mix of attitude, confidence and context. This session is a documentary of our clients owning the room. Again and again.

What can I expect from an In Her Space session?

All of our In Her Space sessions must be booked with the Autumn session package (3 hours, 6 looks). Our consultation discussion will focus on the activities we want to include in the overall story. We’ll discuss wardrobe – which anchors to the most comfortable items that still flatter – and props. We’ll also discuss your favorite music and match the music to the moods you want to strike in each scene.

The session starts with 1-2 hours in hair and makeup, getting pampered. Some of our clients elect to have a glass of wine or champagne. While getting hair and makeup done, we’ll take a look at your wardrobe selections and decide on what is going to make you the most comfortable and what pieces will work best with each scene.

After you’re comfortable with your hair and makeup, it’s time to get started. This is where you let go, and let us work. We’ll make sure you look good. You focus on having fun.

What are the types of products best suited for In Her Space sessions?

Every client who has booked one of these sessions has also elected to purchase an album or folio box. Our albums are professionally leather bound, with images printed on thick, card stock pages. The albums come in multiple sizes.

The folio box includes 15-25 matted, 8×12 museum quality prints. Folio boxes are our preferred product because of their uniqueness, beauty, and charm.

As always, product orders include digital images.

What are examples from In Her Space sessions?

If you have any other questions, we’d be more than happy to discuss via phone or schedule a consultation to walk through what your In Her Space session could be.


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