In Front of the Lens: Fitness

Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.

-Ann Bradford


Fitness sessions have been a significant part of our journey as photographic artists. Lighting skin with the requisite amount of shadow to show definition and tone results in gorgeous art.

Who should consider a Fitness session?

Gym owners. Personal trainers. Competitors. Coaches. Enthusiasts. You just lost a significant amount of weight. You just put on a significant amount of muscle. You just completed a 4-, 6-, 12-week or longer challenge. You’re getting ready to start a challenge or fitness program and you want before shots! You had a baby and gotten back to your pre-pregnancy form (or better!). You have worked through the winter, and you are ready to shed the five layers of hibernation clothes.

Bottomline is Fitness sessions are for individuals who want to capture a moment in time when motivation has been or is at its peak and the evidence is exceptional tone and muscle definition. All that work is a product of a value system. It’s a value system that has included sacrifice, grueling work, discipline, and struggle. Why? Because you want to transform yourself, stay fit, stay healthy, increase confidence, etc. You already look amazing: we’re here to capture it.

What is the purpose of Fitness sessions?

Fitness sessions are all about a moment (the session) built on many moments, tough moments. Moments of indecision. Moments of failure. Moments when you felt you couldn’t go any further, but you reached down deep and pushed yourself further. Moments you gave up, only to rally the next day and rock it.

A session with us is a memorial to those moments. It is a reward. It is a motivator.

What can I expect from a Fitness session?

The consultation always serves as the venue for discussing expectations and planning for the session. One of the first question we will ask during the consultation is, “How do you want to be photographed?” This will include a discussion about what body parts do you like the best, what is your strongest feature, and what muscle groups do you want to highlight.

Fitness sessions by definition involve a lot of skin. It’s a study of physique and form. So the next question we will discuss is “How naked do you want to be?” We will photograph you as naked as you like; however, bottoms are always kept on (we can remove fabric in post-production). The degree of comfort with how much skin you want to show (implied or otherwise) will be a topic of conversation during the consultation: we want you to be comfortable while highlighting your dedication and sacrifice.

These questions will be followed with a discussion on creative styling so you know what wardrobe and location will be complementary to our creative goals. We take care of the rest, including creative design, booking hair and makeup, and arranging the crew.

Timeline is also important for these sessions. You have goals you’re working toward, whether that’s a body fat percentage target or a competition date. Setting a session date around these milestones can be extra motivation and also has planning implications. Our artistic preference is to photograph you before you’ve gone into dehydration mode (typically 3-4 days before competition for competitors), however, we will discuss if your preference is otherwise. Additionally, we want to photograph you before your tanning sessions.

The session starts with 1-2 hours in hair and makeup, getting pampered. While getting hair and makeup done, we’ll take a look at your wardrobe selections and decide on what is going to highlight your muscle definition and hard work the most. The session you book will determine whether the session includes 2, 4, or 6 looks.

After you’re comfortable with your hair and makeup, it’s time to get started. This is where you let go, and let us work. We’ll make sure you look good. Here’s the caveat: it’s going to be fun and it’s also going to be work. Getting that muscle definition to pop is a workout all its own.

And as an aside, a robe will always be available during the shoot for both warmth (that much skin can be chilly!) and comfort.

What are the types of products best suited for Fitness sessions?

Our folio boxes with matted prints present the portfolio of images from your session with class and sophistication. And all the prints purchased include digital images for you to use on your blog, your website or for your social media profiles and business pages.

We also offer small, social-sized digital image packages for clients who are scheduling a sessions specifically to create content for their health & fitness businesses. These products do not come with printing rights; however, they are appropriate for specific business needs. The digital, social sized images packages start at $300 for three (3) images (savings are applied the more you invest).

What are examples from Fitness sessions?

If you have any other questions, we’d be more than happy to discuss via phone or schedule a consultation to walk through what your Fitness session could be.

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