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With the redesign of our webpage, we’re expanding our content creation to include a TADAM blog: so welcome to the first entry!

Deciding whether to focus on our creative clients or our educational clients was a decision we wrestled with. The core issue at hand was that so many of the topics translate to both sides of the camera, so we decided to blend the two into a single content channel to help both our client types keep in mind that the art, science, and business of this creative endeavor can only improve by learning from multiple perspectives.

Photography – along with many creative ventures – continues to be filled with misconceptions. Commissioning art has lost public appreciation. The ubiquity of technology has made it easier than ever – and will only become more easy as time progresses – to capture an image. That ease has translated into lower public perception around the value photography conveys (read: “photography is a commodity”). And we agree: the proliferation of imagery is greater than ever (“1.2 Trillion digital photos to be taken this year“). Native apps make instant adjustments to images for more punch, depth, artistic style (and pride emerges with the contrarian #nofilter movement). In this flood of content, how do you stand out, how do you fight against commoditization? It’s possible.

Our role is to create distinctive art. Our role is to have it recognized. Our role is to encourage the public to a higher appreciation of art, and our role is to do all of this while providing a distinct experience that goes beyond the pressing of a shutter. It is an experience of connection, emotion, remembrance, and substance.

Tiffany and I also like to eat. A lot. We like well prepared food with unique flavor profiles. As we’ve tried to recreate food in our own kitchen, the mastery we experience when we visit a chef-led kitchen becomes all the more impressive (we’re so glad Denver is expanding it’s culinary scene!). Our culinary education has led us to take greater enjoyment and appreciation from the art of cooking. We will use the TADAM blog as a venue to do the same for photographic art. Because when we all understand what it takes to make classic, enduring art together, we produce better results.

So how we will do that? We have planned a number of topics over the next year some aimed at consumers, others aimed at student photographers. We’ll average a post per week – maybe more during some periods. Here are some of the topics:

For consumer clients (In Front of the Lens posts):

Tips for photographing your vacation

Fashion & styling guide for your session

Color vs. Black & White photography

Our biggest artistic challenge and how we overcame it

Our photographic style and how we developed it

…and 54 more topics we have planned


For photographer clients (Behind the Lens posts):

Connecting with clients

How do you stay inspired

How to see light

Expressing yourself behind the camera

What’s in our bag

…and 32 more topics we have planned


We’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts and experience with you. And finally, we look forward to meeting you in person for a session or one of our workshops!




Tyler & Tiffany



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