Denver Headshots Session: Krista

We had a Denver headshots session last week as part of a personal branding session. Colorado’s film and TV industry continues to grow along with the population trajectory and with it comes the need for clients to demonstrate the various characters and roles they want to portray. Our core values around emotional connection suits headshots very well.

Denver Headshots: Classic vs. Environmental Headshots

For this session our client, Krista, is agency represented as both an actor and a model. We focused the headshot session on environmental headshots. These types of headshots bring more background elements into the frame. The alternative type focuses on a simplified, single tone background.

We won’t lie: we like environmental portraiture and headshots more. Classic headshots serve their purpose well: eliminate all extraneous elements from the frame and focus exclusively on connection with the subject.

We prefer our environmental style because we are able to add additional storytelling and complementary features to our client without distracting from the connection. Furthermore, we just like the feel more.

Denver Headshots: Color vs. Black & White

We are suckers for black & white images. Over time, however, headshots have moved further away from black & white. That has not stopped us from processing some in black & white: it is our own bit of self-indulgence!

The experience – as always – was a blast! This was an early morning session and a great way to start off the day.

Contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your headshot session. Each session include two outfit changes with multiple looks and moods for each outfit so you can make the selections that will express your full range. If you need more looks and outfits, we can plan for it!

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