Denver Modeling Comp Cards: Krista

In addition to our client’s headshots our last session also focused on putting together modeling comp cards.

Denver Modeling: What is a comp card?

The comp (composite) card is the models business card. It is a marketing tool that demonstrates the various looks, genres, personalities, and range for the model. Agency represented models provide comp cards to their agent so the agent can submit the model for engagements.

Many models are not aware that they are responsible for their own marketing material and a comp card can help gain agency representation.

Denver Modeling: How many looks should I get?

Traditional comp cards have at four panels, each one demonstrating a different look. This can include four different personalities all with the same outfit, or four different scenes entirely.

We work to get four separate looks when we shoot comp cards for clients. We prefer environmental looks (like our preferences for headshots); however, in Denver, the weather can be unpredictable. So access to our 3000 foot studio helps when the weather does not get the memo.

Denver Modeling: Example Shots

We have a large white infinity wall (cyclorama) in our studio: it is so versatile in the shots we can get and it allows full focus on the client.


Our natural light studio also allows for some lifestyle and branding variety. We love shooting in the early morning through the early afternoon when we get rich directional light coming through our windows.

There are plenty of on-location spots around our studio like this one; however, we also love going fully on-location for some rich storytelling. Downtown Denver or the surrounding Rocky Mountains are some of our favorite spots to hold sessions.

Our Denver modeling comp card sessions fall under our Personal Branding category and like all our sessions, include Hair & Makeup, creative styling & design, and the session itself.

Contact us to discuss planning your session! We love being a part of your professional goals.

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