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It’s December. Already! December is a month of reflection, cheer, paying it forward, and love along with expanding waistlines and shrinking bank accounts. We’re going to discuss a couple of these December themes in today’s discussion: paying it forward and – surprisingly! – the shrinking bank account and how we help loyal customers defend against the latter.

Client Photography Referrals

The majority of our sessions are based on referral clients. We love that. We wear it as a badge of honor when a client refers us. It is an indication of our goals in each session. We want to provide an exceptional experience, all in deference to our mission: to inspire within you an appreciation for who you are and a confidence in who you can be.

This has many ways of manifesting itself because each of our clients is different. We treat each client differently. You are not a number. You are not a sale. You are an individual with varying demands and relationships. You are a mother and a daughter. You are a brother and a friend. It’s easy to boil us down into our labels, and we battle against the easy with every fiber we have. We can be complicated. We can be simple. We can paradoxically be both at the same time (“I don’t understand what’s going on right now with my emotions, all I do know is I want some chocolate!”).

Connecting with our clients on a personal level is a core driver of ours. And when we get a referral, it is one indication that we’ve succeeded. We have loyalty programs as further recognition of this success and our relationship

Photography Referrals Loyalty Program

The TADAM Loyalty Program is simple, and straightforward. There are two parts to the program:

  1. Receive $75 credit toward a future session or products for each paying referral; and
  2. Receive a complimentary 1-hour session (including hair and makeup) for every two paying referrals

And these stack! What does that mean? It means that if you refer two paying clients to us, you will get a complimentary 1-hour session and $150 toward a future session or product (that is a $499 value)!

Photography Referrals Summary

We have many clients that continue to book sessions with us through referrals alone! When you’re considering booking a consultation with us, be sure to discuss the Loyalty Program with us. We would love to deliver the same experience to your family and friends! We wish you all a cozy, and happy holiday season!

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