Denver Fitness Photographers: Client Session

We love highlighting client sessions and as Denver fitness photographers, we get an opportunity to shoot with some of the fittest, healthiest people in the nation. One of our clients operates her own personal training and coaching business. She came to us with multiple needs. First, she needed images that would help her connect with her clients in an authentic, personable way. Second, she needed branding images to demonstrate her position as a fitness authority. Finally, she needed content to help populate her blog posts.

All of these objectives needed to be in line with the design and branding standards for her site. The site would be bright, airy, light and a dark font on white. We decided to focus our creative styling and design on a single white background, free of distraction, clean and professional.

This is a small sampling of the images we captured, and we love them. We have a mix of images that meet all our objectives. The candid portrait of our client, caught mid-laugh will give her clients the impression they have caught her at a moment of vulnerability. Our client was talking about her son during this image and the laughter was sincere. We love capturing moments like this and the way we pose, interact and coach is all aimed at creating these emotional connections with the people and experiences that matter most to our clients. We are there to document it.

The final shot, dramatic motion, frozen in time, is one of our favorites. It captures the hard work and dedication our client devotes to her health. It conveys to her potential clients that she is serious about results. Besides that, it is just a fun shot.

There are a lot of Denver fitness photographers in the Rocky Mountains. Many of them are brilliant at what they do. We feel we bring an additional dimension to the work we do with our fitness clients, partnering with them to make their business goals, our business goals. And in the meantime, we find unique ways of capturing and memorializing the hard work they invest in themselves.

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