Merry Christmas Boudoir!

Merry Christmas from Denver!

We had one of our most relaxing Christmases this year with family and we are excited for 2018!

When we get close to this time of the year, we always get excited for the Christmas boudoir (Intimate Lifestyle) sessions we schedule. The sessions are always festive, fun, and a great way to create a unique gift.

Christmas Boudoir Session Overview

These sessions end up being two-gifts-in-one. The session itself is always a fun experience for the client, and a more enjoyable gift creation experience than battling mall crowds and retail hordes! The second gift is the printed product (frequently an album) for the receiver Christmas morning. We love getting pictures sent to of us when a significant other opens his or her gift!

Many Christmas boudoir sessions also end up reflecting the season’s coziness, warmth, and mood. The twinkling lights, presents, and decorations all lend a unique feel to the art we create together.

Christmas Boudoir and In Her Space Sessions

One of our favorite sessions was last year during Christmas. Our client hired us for an In Her Space session. The consultation was one of our more creative and we discussed a number of different concepts all focused on bringing out our clients personality. A couple of the shots we captured provided some tongue-in-cheek comedy. One aspect our client made clear was that she had a gorgeous, chef’s kitchen, but she doesn’t cook. When we got to the location the morning of the session, we learned that our client had already managed to burn her breakfast bagel. “Do you still have the bagel?” we asked. It was a perfect prop, and yes, she still had it.

We could barely contain ourselves while we processed her images. We laughed at many of the captures, so cute, and full of rich stories.

We hope that your story this Christmas was equally rich and enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you all in 2018!

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